Investment Planning

We all dream of a more prosperous financial future, but how do you turn this into a reality? With Interest rates on savings accounts stuck at low levels, it's difficult to get any real growth on your money over the long-term. If you plan to rely on your savings to provide you with an income one day, or to fund your future lifestyle, you need to make sure you are building them up sufficiently.

For some, savings accounts might offer solutions for short-term needs. For other goals, you could consider investing instead.

Things you need to know

Whilst past performance is not a guide to future returns, stock market-linked investments have historically out-performed savings accounts over the long-term. Investing is not without risk to your capital, but providing you are prepared to accept some risk, you can find a product or fund that suits your circumstances.

By speaking to us, you can benefit from help devising a tailored financial plan. We can review your current savings and investments – and tell you how to make more of them.

We offer advice on a range of carefully selected products and investment funds, from well respected providers.

What do I need to consider?

Is investing my money risky?

All investments carry some form of risk to your capital – but there are different levels of risk and a range of strategies that you might wish to take. Find out why this is so important, and how we can help you establish your personal feelings towards risk and reward.

Tax-efficient savings

Tax is an unavoidable fact of life, but there are ways of reducing the amount you pay on your personal finances – if you make the most of them, it could significantly boost your overall wealth. We explain how.

The value of financial advice

Our online advice service can help you work out your short, medium and longer-term financial objectives. We'll assess how well your existing savings and investments are placed, and offer personalised recommendations.


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