Approaching your retirement

The final few years before retiring are vital in making sure you have the finances you’ll need. It’s really important to fully prepare for the next chapter of your life, so nothing is overlooked. The decisions you make – and don’t make – over the next few years could have a huge bearing on your future.

Needs to know

In retirement you’ll be able to benefit from receiving a state pension. However, it probably won’t be enough on its own to provide the income you’re going to require. So it’s very likely you’ll need to make your own plans, through savings and investments, to enhance your retirement income.

In the final few years of working it’s worth considering paying more into your pension whilst you’re still earning a salary. It’s also important to review your plans and decide how you want to use your pension to fund your retirement – as this might need to influence how it is invested over the final few years.

We offer personalised financial advice on considering the realities of retirement – to help you decide your next steps.

What do I need to consider?

How much money will I need during my retirement?

It’s easier than you’d think to forecast your retirement income needs, and it’ll help you find out any shortfalls while there’s still time to address them.

What do I need to consider before deciding to retire?

There’s a lot to think about before deciding when to retire, including checking if you have the finances to support your lifestyle.

What should I be doing when counting down to retirement?

Preparing for retirement is really important, and the final few years before retiring are not a time to sit idly by.


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